WE champion new businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit of Barry - and nothing epitomises this more than the opening of Koi Nooshi Asian street food bar.

Koi Nooshi made the news because it was a new business, but also because it was the first business to open its doors in what has been described as the “business district ghost town” of Barry.

Barry’s Waterfront has been beset with issues and we have been there every step of the way to listen to residents' fury at housing developers Taylor Whimpey, Barratt and Persimmon Homes, aka the Waterfront consortium, dragging their heels at putting the finishing touches to the huge housing project round Barry’s old docks.

Even when we were there last night in the wind and the rain, the shadow of the moonlight glowing through the laden clouds above the Dock office's famous clock tower, still there were temporary fences up and remnants of building works incomplete.

However, despite this, one man has decided to plow ahead and take the plunge in what could one day become one of the great waterfront destinations of Wales.

Jordan Harrison, 39, didn’t let a lack of experience as a chef or college education stop him from seeing out his dream of owning his own food business.

He’s self-taught in the art of making sushi and his Asian fare was considered so good people urged him to offer it to the wider people of Barry, and that’s exactly what he’s done.

Barry And District News: Koi Nooshi - a beacon in the gloomKoi Nooshi - a beacon in the gloom (Image: Newsquest)

Barry And District News: The enthusiasm of the team behind the counter really showedThe enthusiasm of the team behind the counter really showed (Image: Newsquest)

Mr Harrison took the bull by the horns, got into a premise on the waterfront, set up his business – creating two jobs in the process - and now you can order his Asian food cuisines online, or, even better, rock down to Koi Nooshi, put an order in for their ramen, and sit and relax while your food is freshly prepared as you overlook the stunning views of Barry’s docklands.

And that's just what we did! In what had to be the worst weather you could experience – driving wind and rain, but despite this we loved the experience and the enthusiasm of Jordan and his team who were running around the kitchen behind the counter getting orders ready.

Barry And District News: The star of the show - those gyozas!The star of the show - those gyozas! (Image: Newsquest)

The warm orange light of that kitchen was like a beacon in the gloom, a culinary life-saver, and, unable to feel our toes, we ordered big – duck gyozas, ramen chicken katsu, loaded kimchi fries and a katsu curry.

First thing to say, for £34 (plus a 7-Up) that was more than enough for two – we were stuffed and in fact, some of that ramen would be enjoyed again for lunch.

Barry And District News: The fare was fresh to orderThe fare was fresh to order (Image: Newsquest)

Barry And District News: The kimchi loaded fries could get an article on their own...The kimchi loaded fries could get an article on their own... (Image: Newsquest)

The star of the show though was the gyozas, crisp light, fresh and delicious.

All the veg involved had a fresh crunch to it – especially the kimchi.

Oooh, that Kimchi, you could a write whole article on that! The kimchi-loaded fries were delicious, hot, fresh, beautifully seasoned and very, very kimchi..ery…ery….er…..

Barry And District News: Despite the rain we loved the experienceDespite the rain we loved the experience (Image: Newsquest)

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Barry And District News: Jordan Harrison, left, and 'dream team' Dan and Charlie Jordan Harrison, left, and 'dream team' Dan and Charlie (Image: Newsquest)

All in all, it’s great to see some life in the Waterfront’s “ghost business town” and from one, hopefully many will follow!

Koi Noochi is open Friday, Saturday and Sundays, 6pm to 10pm until sold out.

You can order online at their website, koinooshi.co.uk.

Also check Koi Nooshi out on Instagram (koi_nooshi) and Facebook.