A UNIQUE retail and entertainment park in Barry has announced the opening of the latest phase in its development.

Goodsheds is offering a new range of shops having opened its second 'urban high street', with a new entrance conveniently located just off Ffordd Y Mileniwm.

Goodsheds is offering 19 new offices and lifestyle and retail units which range from 80 to 160 square feet.

The site also has newly installed short-term holiday lets for rent.

It comes as its urban high street continues to thrive.

Barry And District News: The new section at GoodshedsThe new section at Goodsheds (Image: Newsquest)

Barry And District News: New units on offer to rentNew units on offer to rent (Image: Newsquest)

Watch the video below and see what's on Goodsheds' urban high street, here

We were there at the end of May to visit Corc fine wine, which offers top-quality wine, but in a relaxed and chilled atmosphere.

The latest development at Goodsheds has given Loft Co director Simon Baston real confidence for the future of the site.

“Goodsheds two is open,” said Mr Baston. “There’re 19 offices and lifestyle and retail units which range from 80 to 160 square feet, available for rent now.

“We’ve also completed five short-term stay holiday lets in railway carriages named after famous steam trains, such as the Flying Scotsman.

“One of the most important things we can offer now is weekend weddings, anniversary parties and business gatherings.”

Watch the video below and see the NEW section of Goodsheds

Barry And District News: Simon Baston, at the new Goodsheds entranceSimon Baston, at the new Goodsheds entrance (Image: Newsquest)

Loft Co, which manages Goodsheds, has seen an up-and-down couple of weeks around it.

Opposite the road from the vibrant-looking stack of black containers, Wales fine dining restaurant Alium, based in the Old Pumphouse, suddenly announced it was closing its doors, but, on the flip side, the Vale Council, along with Cardiff and Vale College, revealed plans for development of a new campus, which will be built next to Goodsheds.

Bridie Scanlan, site manager at Goodsheds, said Barry is heading in the right direction.

“I did not realise how important small businesses are to Barry,” said Ms Scanlan. “It’s really up and coming. We want to try give people a destination. Food is a big draw and you can stay here.”

Barry And District News: Bridie Scanlan, site manager, at GoodshedsBridie Scanlan, site manager, at Goodsheds (Image: Newsquest)

Mr Baston mentioned offering space for business gatherings and that's where super sleek 'Tramshed Tech' comes in, providing rentable office space in modern surroundings.

Cat Morgan, community executive at Tramshed, said they were ready to take on whoever wanted a flexible workspace environment.

“It’s a collaborative space with hot desking,” explained Ms Morgan. “You can just walk in, or book online.

“We’re also introducing a business breakfast event every third Wednesday of the month which will be a two hour networking event, with 50 per cent off the day rates.”

See the video below and take a look inside uber-cool Tramshed Tech

Barry And District News: Cat Morgan, community executive at Tramshed TechCat Morgan, community executive at Tramshed Tech (Image: Newsquest)

With everything that is going on at Goodsheds, Mr Baston was confident of the success of the site.

“We feel Barry is moving in a positive way with its beaches, parks and infrastructure and we urge everyone in the Vale to use this facility.”

Contact Loft Co at Loftco.net to find out more about the new units on offer, starting at £4,000 a year.

To find out more about office space with Tramshed Tech, go to tramshedtech.co.uk. Rates start at £20 for full day and £10 for half day, and there’re membership offers.”