A BARRY teenage band have been given a boost ahead of tonight’s debut gig – with a message from a rock star.

The 8:48 will be making their live debut at Whitmore High School tonight - April 28 - with all funds going to Ukraine Humanitarian Aid.

The teenagers – 16-year-old singer/songwriter Kyle Bellamy, 17-year-old bassist/songwriter Dylan Hooper, 14-year-old lead guitarist Harrison Ollier and 14-year-old drummer Dylan Clarke – have been given a message wishing them good luck for their debut from Europe’s Joey Tempest.

In the video, Mr Tempest – who fronts the band famous for single Final Countdown – “sends good wishes to Dylan, Kyle, Dylan and Harrison of the band The 8:48.”

He praises the teenagers for raising money for Ukraine, saying: “Your first gig guys, and you’re raising money for Ukraine as well. Have a good one, it’s going to be great.”



Barry And District News: #ThereWithUkraine#ThereWithUkraine

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