A BARRY band will be rocking out soon for their debut concert.

The 8:48 – which plays "a bit of everything" with a focus on pop and rock - will perform for an audience for the first time this Thursday (April 28).

Raising money for Ukraine Humanitarian Aid the evening, hosted at Whitmore High School in Barry, will include original songs and covers.

Who are 8:48?

8:48 is a local band with four members:

  • Kyle Bellamy, 16, who is lead singer and songwriter;
  • Dylan Hooper, 17, who is bassist and songwriter;
  • Harrison Ollier, 14, who is lead guitarist;
  • Dylan Clarke, 14, who is drummer.

The founding members, Kyle and Dylan H, spent weeks considering band names. When discussing it on Facetime they noted the time was 8:48 and decided to use this.

How did 8:48 originate?

Kyle and Dylan H has been writing songs for a "long time" and - at the start of 2021 - joined forces to write songs together.

They got to know Harry and Dylan C, in their school band, and as they are "amazing" musicians asked them to join the band.

How are they feeling about their debut gig?

“We are very excited – it’s our first gig together and we’ve been practicing for months

“We can’t wait to play in front of an audience.

“People think we’re just a school band, but we want to show we are more than that.

“We’ve had loads of positive feedback – some teachers have popped into our rehearsals and said that we sound incredible and that they can’t wait.”

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Why are they supporting Ukraine?

The band originally planned to support a charity which is being set up locally - but this has not yet been registered.

“We still wanted to do a concert for charity and with everything happening we thought we could help Ukraine.

“All the money from tickets is going to Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.”

What else should I know?

The concert will be at Whitmore High School in Barry on Thursday, April 28.

Doors will open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start with the gig finishing at 9pm.

Tickets are £3.50 and can be bought on the door or in advance online at https://bit.ly/3vIV7jK