SPORTS leaders from the Vale of Glamorgan will meet this week to discuss a plan to rollout defibrillators across sporting facilities in the area.

Local MP Alun Cairns is bringing together sporting representatives from various local clubs across the Vale to lead the campaign - which aims to emulate defibrillator campaigns that are taking place at a national level - including the Premier League’s plan to install defibrillators at every football ground in England.

The national response follows footballer Christian Eriksen suffering cardiac arrest during the Euro 2020 tournament.

The local response has been triggered by the tragic death of Sully cricketeer Masqood Anwar; it’s believed that the 44-year-old father of three had a heart attack during Centurions’ match against Monkswood Cricket Club on July 17.

The aim of the local campaign is to provide every sporting facility in the Vale of Glamorgan with an accessible defibrillator to help in emergencies and potentially save lives.

According to the British Heart Foundation every year there are more than 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in the community, with a survival rate of around 10 per cent.

Youth Team Coach and Safeguarding Officer for Cadoxton Barry FC, Matthew Warner, has shown support for the campaign.

Mr Warner said: “I am a firm believer that lifesaving defibrillators should be much more accessible to the public. Especially in locations where sport and physical play takes place.

“We are hearing more and more of younger people – including children – having cardiac arrests and dying these days than we have in the past, even though we are trying to create a healthier society.

“Defibrillators are not as expensive to supply and maintain as the emergency ambulance service.

"If installed in or close to all sports and park facilities in the Vale of Glamorgan they can be accessed by the general public and easily used to help save a life and reduce the burden on the NHS.”

Calon Hearts, which is Wales’ leading heart charity for placing defibrillators and has placed more thana 6,000 defibrillators across Wales, is involved in the campaign and will highlight the funding options available.


Vale MP Alun Cairns said it is “vitally important” that people back the campaign, which is also backed by MS Andrew RT Davies.

Mr Cairns said: “The incident with Christian Eriksen at the Euros was a reminder of this [importance of supporting the campaign] and has strengthened the efforts to install defibrillators across our community.

“In our own community our thoughts have been with the family and friends of Sully Cricketer Maqsood Anwar, following his tragic death recently.

“I am passionate about this campaign because it is lifesaving equipment which must be accessible to all. I am keen to bring together sporting representatives from across the Vale to ensure this campaign achieves positive outcomes.

“I have also invited Calon Hearts, a leading charity in this area who are able to provide training and support. We must lead the way in the Vale, and I hope that this will encourage others to follow suit.”