A BARRY music producer has teamed up with local musicians to create an uplifting and heartfelt song.

James Hoare teamed up with Cardiff producer Ben Banjo Field and vocals are provided by Duke Al and Rachel Allen.

Called ‘Sometimes’, the track was created towards the end of last year. Mr Hoare realised that as they were not able to do their DJ and live music events, their own mental health began to suffer and they realised that this was the case for the whole of the nation – and most of the world.

Mr Hoare said: “Our aim for the song is for people to feel inspired when they listen to it and that they can relate to the song and carry the strong message of hope and solidarity.

“All four of us are so passionate about this song and the project and raising awareness, we want to put belief and hope into the mental health and recover community.”


Alongside creating the song, the quartet have been working with a number of charities. The lyric video was created by Ffion and Chloe from the CAIS addiction recovery community. They are also working with Bluebell Care and Adferiad.

“If this song can put a smile on people’s faces during these tough times and they have a dance to it, we would be over the moon,” said Mr Hoare.

“We hope people can come together all over the world to share stories and their experiences and hopefully this will save more lives from suicide.

“Our coping mechanism, our therapy, is music and we want to share our music with the world.”

The song has already been well received – with airplay on stations as far away as Spain.