Brynhill Ladies Golf Club had an enjoyable time on and off the course recently.

They experienced sunny weather during the ladies day out at Greenmeadows golf course.

New members blended in and the overall mood was joyful, reflecting the effort put in by captains Chris and Jo in organising the event.

Robbie Lee and Amber Dimond claimed the top prize, followed by Carole Allen and Sarah Thomas in second, and Lisa Taylor and Tracey Harrhy in third.

On another day, female golfers from the Vale of Glamorgan congregated at Brynhill for a coffee and golf-filled morning.

12 holes were played, accompanied by refreshments, all in good weather.

The Brynhill Club also raised funds for the charity Crohns and Colitis via a raffle, lucky dip, and a homemade cake stall.

Success extended to regular golfing sessions with wins under both home and away categories for Lynda Hewlett, Babs Richard's, Tina Moss, and Rosalyn Birch.

The club's competitions saw victories for Anne Phillips and Sarah Thomas in Rabbits and Tigers and Lily Mae O'Carroll in Bob Hope Rose Bowl and Park Stones Qualifying.

Lastly, the nine-hole competitions in April and May crowned Lorraine Gittings, Lynda Hewlett, Glynis Gould, and Sarah Thomas as winners.