A RHOOSE teenager is on top of the world after punching his way to his first-ever youth Welsh Novice title in Ebbw Vale last Sunday.

Alex Munn, brother of super welterweight champion Jay Munn - also known as the Rhoose Rhino - won his first boxing title on Sunday, February 25 at the Ebbw Vale Leisure Centre.

The 16-year-old, who represents Llantwit Major ABC, unanimously won every bout on his way to the final and was the youngest in his group to win the 75KG Welsh Novice Championship.

Dad Danny said he is proud of his son winning his title, in his first year of boxing.

He said: “His older brother has a good representative and following in boxing, so it's natural that Alex wants to follow in his footsteps.

“I am a proud dad it is his first year competing at under 18 and to win it at that age is brilliant, he was very strong and showed his talent and his strength.

“He has put Llantwit Major ABC back on the map and has already set his sights on next year and the Welsh open class. He is a very good kid and aims to be better than his brother.”

The schoolboy is no stranger to winning titles, as his first combat sport was Taekwondo where he won every title involved in the sport.

He won British, Welsh, and English titles along with the Taekwondo European championship and has now set his sights on boxing titles.

He added: “As a kid, he was into martial arts and won every title there was in Taekwondo we went to Croatia, and he won the European championship.

“I watched him fight with 25-year-olds as he got that physicality about him, and you look at him and think wow he’s only 16.”

Alongside boxing the teenager also plays senior football for AFC Rhoose with his older brothers Adam, 29 and James (Jay), 24

“He is a bit of an all-rounder as he plays senior football with his older brothers, his physicality he owes it all to them and I am a very lucky dad.”