LAST Wednesday evening Millwood hosted Sully Sports in a Munro Cup fixture.

Rink 3 saw M. Lucas ,T Cole, M Gronow and R Browne, start strongly and lead 10 shots to 6 after 7 ends.

13 shots on the next two ends altered the game completely with the home side winning easily 37 shots to 7.

K Lewys, S Hopkins, D Woodfin and B Crockford started slowly trailing by 10 shots to 5 after 10 ends and found it impossible to bridge the gap going down 19 shots to 13 at the end.

On Rink 5, G Smith, C Hopkins, B Howcroft and A Evans rushed into a14 shots to 2 lead after 10 ends and despite a mini revival by the visitors held on to win 17 shots to 9.

Over on Rink 6 the visitors found the home team of D Bourne, K Thomas, S Sewell and K Davies in fine form and leading 8 shots to 2 at the 5th end and drawing further in front to win comfortably 20 shots to 6.

Overall victory to Millwood 87 shots to 41.

Saturday's fixture saw Millwood travel to Roath Park to play St Peters in a Division 4 match.

N Tutton, D Woodfin and G Williams eased into an 8 shots to 5 lead at the 10th end and won 21 shots to 11.

On Rink 3 D Bourne, S Sewell and K Davies, struggled from the start and subsided to 29 shot to 6 defeat.

M Lucas, M Gronow and R Browne found the rink to their liking and demolished their opponents by 29 shots to 4.

Meanwhile K Lewys, P Taylor and B Crockford were in a nip and tuck affair with the scores level 12 all after 16 ends.

But 2 singles on the last 2 ends gave the home rink a win by 14 shots to 12.

Millwood won overall by 67 shots to 58.

Well done to all players.