ELEVEN years ago, the then Penarth Petanque Club, founded in 1986, decided to add the name of one of their founder members, to the title of their annual doubles competition, in his memory.

When the club lost their home ground at the Kymin, they found a new home and are now the South Wales Bowls and Recreation Centre – Petanque Section (SWBRC-PS), Sully.

Last weekend, the SWBRC-PS in Sully, hosted the Colin Ballett Doubles Competition, at their new home for the first time.

Fifteen teams took part, with some participants from South Wales, travelling some distances to take part.

Both participants and spectators were in for a thrilling weekend.

On a beautifully sunny Saturday morning, the first 8 teams played 3 ranking rounds, followed by a break for lunch, when 7 other teams also did the same in the afternoon, with one team having a bye.

At the end of the day, the ranking determined who had qualified for the Main Competition and who was going into the Plate Competition.

Saturday was a gloriously sunny day, which both the players and spectators enjoyed, with some staying on into the early evening for a convivial few hours of relaxation.

Sunday morning was very different, with lashing rain and high winds and players bemoaning their fate at having to play in such conditions.

Luckily by the time the games commenced, the rain had stopped and everyone settled into their respective roles, as players and spectators.

Those who qualified for the Plate, played in the knockout rounds in the morning.

The semi-finals were intensely fought between Lynne Marsh and Tina Phillips, SWBRC-PS, playing against Brian and Jenny Spooner, SWBRC-PS, who won their game 13-6.

The other semi-finalists were Angela Hudson and Chris Davies, SWBRC-PS playing against Linda Thomas and Simone Ballett, SWBRC-PS, who won their game 13-1.

The final between the husband and wife team, Brian and Jenny and Linda and Simone, was neck and neck all the way to the very end.

At 11-10 in favour of team Linda and Simone, who were holding one point on the ground, all but one of them agreed the second point was theirs as well, to win them the game.

With the crowd starting to applaud, the tape measure came out and denied them the win at that end.

At the next end, Brian and Jenny scored three points to win the game at 13-12, a close and exciting game with Brian and Jenny worthy winners of the Plate.

The day was turning out to be much better weather-wise, than expected and people were enjoying a lunch break before the Main competition was due to start.

The Main competition semi final saw Tony Smith and Nai Kongchun, Monkstone PC, playing against Jean-Yves Robic and Len Field, SWBRC-PS.

Tony and Nai, make a formidable team and have won this competition three times over the years.

Determined to win a fourth time, they streaked ahead of Jean-Yves and Len, who couldn’t seem to find their game.

After a few rounds of floundering around, they got into the game and when Tony and Nai made some vital errors, Jean-Yves and Len, with skilled determination took over to win 13-11 and getting themselves to the finals.

The other semi finalists were Sean Smith and Roger Green, Monkstone PC, and Tim and Sue Roberts, SWBRC-PS.

Tim and Sue got off to a flying start, with Sean and Roger trying to find their game, when in the quarter-finals, they were on top form with their pointing and shooting prowess, winning 13-5.

On the other hand, Tim and Sue had a tough quarter-final round against Basil White, Wheatsheaf PC and Jake Caston, SWBRC-PS, finally coming through with a 13-11 win.

The match ended with Sean and Roger not managing to get into the game that Tim and Sue closed up so skilfully to win 13-2 and progress to the finals.

The final between Jean-Yves and Len against Tim and Sue, also proved to have an unexpected end. Jean-Yves and Len, winners of numerous competitions over the years, just couldn’t get into the game, against this formidable twosome, who could do no wrong on the day and ended it with a 13-6 win.

Husband and wife team Tim and Sue Roberts, against all odds, were the victors, beating formidable teams, to win the Colin Ballett Doubles Competition 2021.

Two days of competitions ended, with both players and spectators saying how enjoyable and exciting it had been, with the glorious weather and wonderful views at the venue in Sully playing its part.