By Alan Sweeny

WITH a hint of an Indian Summer in the air and the Magnificent Beast looking near perfect, conditions couldn’t have been better as Barry's Brynhill Golf Club held two comps last Sunday, the Gunners Cup and week two of the Barry and District eclectic.

In the former Lewis Miller and Nick Daniels carded an 11 under handicap 61 to squeeze out Dan Peters and Mike Knight, on a back nine count back.

Handicap Sec Slasher Giles will be most interested in the score cards of these bandits and cuts will no doubt be in order.

In the Barry & District aforementioned Banditos Miller and Daniels lead the field on 56, with 3 pairs 2 further back on 58 including local methadone distributor Glenn Taylor and part time grease monkey Chris Sims.

However it matters little at this stage, as the better the score in an eclectic the less chance to improve the following week, that said it’s probably best that any of the hackerati on 70 or above don’t bother writing an acceptance speech.