LISA Taylor the Brynhill Ladies' captain continues to keep her Ladies' Section occupied during the pandemic.

As Brynhill Ladies continue to play golf under the social distancing rules for Wales, there have been some fantastic scores in the fun competitions that Lisa has organised.

An eclectic competition has started this week and will run over 10 weeks.

Fun Competition 1 - Winner Linda Hewlett 38pts, Joint 2nd place - Jane Phillips and Lily O'Carroll 36pts

Fun Competition 2 - Winner Judy Davies 31pts, 2nd place - Robbie Lee 30pts

Fun Competition 3 - Winner Sue Holland 36pts, 2nd place - Judy Davies 34pts

Fun Competition 4 - Winner Lily O'Carroll 37pts, 2nd place - Ann Phillips 35pts over the back 6 from Linda Hewlett.