PRESENTATION Evening on 9th November for the Lady Golfers of Brynhill. The presentation cups were polished in readiness for the evening and looked sparkling, ready to be filled with a concoction of drinks by the winners.

The Club Vice Captain Mr. Alan Sweeny and the Ladies Captain Mrs. Jo Kirkpatrick introduced the evening by observing a minutes silence in memory of all those who lost their lives in the two World Wars.

The Ladies Captain presented the prizes to all the Lady winners and R/up.

The Ladies' Chamionship was won by Mrs.Claire Downton and Runner Up Mrs. Sam Pascoe

The Ladies' Diack Trophy was won by Mrs. Lisa Taylor and Runner Up Mrs. Helena Coombes

The Crystal Cup Trophy was won by Mrs. Suzanne Bounds and Runner Up Ms. Hilary West

Lady Golfer of the Year.. Winner Linda Hewlett

The Jenny Williams Award was won by Mrs. Chris Hopkins

The Past Captains Memorial Winner was Mrs. Carole Allen

Barry and District News Cup .. Winner Lisa Taylor

Lady Reardon Smith Silver Salver .. Winner Andrea Page & Lisa Taylor - R/UP Chris Hopkins & Helena Coombes

Rose Bowl Par.. Winner Ann Phillips - R/Up Jane Phillips

Rabbits & Tigers,, Winner Olwen Thomas & Jo Hopkins - R/UP Linda Hewlett & Diane Tapscott

Bob Hope Rose Bowl ..Silver Winner Claire Downton - Bronze Winner.. Lisa Taylor - R/Up

John Collins Cup... Winner Andrea Page Glynis Gould- R/Up

Parkstone Cup.. Winner Robbie Lee - R/Up Jen Pugh

Junior Gold Cup.. Sam Pascoe & Carole Allen - R/Up Linda Lloyd & Liz Taylor

Dr. Owen Cup..Jane Phillips - R/Up Suzanne Bounds

Peggy Lane Cup...Linda Hewlett - R/Up Sam Pascoe

Winifred Clode Cup.. Winner Sam Pascoe - R/Up Linda Hewlett

Gloucester Bowl.. Winner Lily Mae O' Carroll - R/UpLinda Lloyd

Jo Whitehouse Cup..Winner Sam Pascoe - R/Up Jane Phillips

Holland & Tattersall Trophy.. Winner Linda Hewlett - R/Up

Vets Silver Salver... Linda Lloyd - R/Up Robbie Lee

Grans Trophy... Winner Jane Phillips - R/Up Sue Holland

Waterford Crystal Vases.. Silver Winner Jan Robertson Bronze Winner... Chris Hopkins

Millenium Plate.. Winner Robbie Lee - R/Up Liz Brown

Four Ball Better Ball.. Winner Jan Robertson & Robbie Lee - R/Up Linda Hewlwtt & Sue Holland

John Lowden Cup.. Winner Jane Phillips - R/Up Glynis Gould

Foursomes Knockout.. Winners Linda Hewlett & Robbie Lee - R/Up Julie Harkin & Maria Gentile

Superbowl.. Winner Robbie Lee - R/Up Lisa Taylor

Superbowl Plate.. Winner Jen Pugh

Barbara White Scroll.. Winner Andrea Page

Graham Cup.. Winner Linda Hewlett

Consolation Trophy.. Winner Liz Taylor - R/Up Hilary West