Cadoxton Barry Report

South Wales Intermediate Cup

Napier Arms 6 - 3 Cadoxton Barry

Burford 4............David(Des) Evans 2

Gore, Crisp..........David(Evo) Evans

There is an old saying that looks can be deceptive. And if ever an example is needed to prove that this is true, you need to go no further than to take a look at Napier Arms' Burford. No more than 5' 9" tall, though just about as wide with overhanging belly flesh, unless you were already aware of his footballing skills, he would be the last person on the pitch that you would think of marking tightly. And that was just the mistake that the Cadoxton Barry defenders made in this Intermediate Cup clash. His first goal came from a Napier Arms attack down the left when two air kick attempts to clear saw the ball fall to Burford who cleverly turned is man before firing home with a powerful drive.

So now that the lesson was learned perhaps we would see CB markers put a tighter rein on him for the rest of the match. No such luck. Bang, bang, bang - three more found the CB net from the boot of the ever skillful and ever active Burford as he continued to enjoy the freedom of the park that CB defenders continued to graciously offer him. And a converted Gore penalty interspersed with Burford's goals made 5 - 0 look seemingly game over for CB by five minutes short of half time. And between those goals it was only the fabulous goal keeping skills of Burboyne that prevented Burford and his attacking partners from adding further goals.

But, unexpectedly, there was just a chink of first half hope when David (Des) Evans wellied home a phenomenal free kick from all of 35 yards to see the large half time deficit reduced to four with the score at 5 - 1.

With Burford now substituted due to injury, after the break CB were beginning to see a little more of the ball. But, having said that, Burboyne was still working overtime in the visitors' goal to keep CB from conceding further. Now carrying a restricting leg injury, his performance can only be described as Trautmannesque - though it was the collar bone that was broken in his case as he made those amazing saves in that 1956 FA Cup final for Manchester City.

With every movement looking extremely painful, the number of phenomenal saves and instinctive blocks rose to numbers too great to catalogue.

A David (Des) Evans drive was then blocked on the line before a Napier riposte brought a pair of reaction saves from Burboyne near his right post in the space of a couple of seconds.

But back came CB with a surge down the left and, with the defender tripping as he was about to challenge, the loose ball fell to David (Des) Evans who converted with a long, low drive.

At this point the goal looked to be just another token consolation.

But when the ball pinged out to the right from a goalmouth scramble allowing David (Evo) Evans to drive home a screamer from an acute angle, Des' goal began to look to be far more than a consolation. So, at 5 - 3 CB began to believe that there may have been something left to fight for.

And if it hadn't been for a refereeing howler there would have been, as, with a fourth goal looking odds on, the referee blew up for off side. Side on to the action, his back was to a defender a good yard further up field, making the final pass well on side. But, with the player unseen by the referee, the chance to close the gap was taken away from the visitors. With the lift that a 5 - 4 score would have given them, there might have been every chance for an equalizer that might have earned extra time at least.

As it was, heads momentarily dropped to see a defensive slip up allow Crisp to come in for an academic sixth goal for Napier. Cadoxton Barry wish Napier Arms best wishes for a long run in the competition.

Next Saturday 14th September Cadoxton Barry return to league duty when they play host to Vale United in a 2pm kick off at Bryn-Y-Don.