Saturday 31 August 2019 - Cadoxton v Beddau

CML5 – Home

Cadoxton hosted their last game of the league against Beddau, hoping for a win and a top position, with consideration of the results elsewhere.

The outcome was an overall win, with two successful rinks and two losing narrowly.

Howard Craven’s rink steadily opened an impressive advantage with a score of 17-5 after 13 ends. At this stage the opposition lifted their game and with just one further home success, they were happy to hold out for a 3 shot win.

On the next rink, Kelvin Chedgzoy was having trouble, with the opposing skip consistently, playing accurate running woods to turn over the head in their favour. After 10 ends the visitors were 11-4 in front. However, from thereafter the home side came back into the game by scoring 12 shots and conceding 8. Leaving them just 3 down, to finish.

Ian Heppenstall skipped the rink with the best success. They led 11-3 after 9 ends. A ‘5’ against on the next stopped their run, but they were soon back on another good run to reach 23-9 with 4 ends remaining. During which they scored two singles with 4 shots against.

Finally, Eric Palmer’s rink was always trailing but never letting the gap get too big. They eventually reached the penultimate end just one shot down, and held two on the last, which unfortunately was beaten with the opposing skips last bowl to take away the win.

D Sluman, E Davies W Craven, H Craven 19 – 16

J Stacey, D Jenkins, P Ellis, K Chedgzoy 16 – 19

A Ralphs, J Papoutsou, J Davies, I Heppenstall 25 – 13

E Heppenstall, G Goddard, A Prince, E Palmer 14 – 16

76 - 63

Cadoxton V Bridgwater (Friendly)

On Friday the annual friendly fixture with Bridgwater, to celebrate the opening of both clubs, in 1908, was played at Cadoxton with mixed Ladies and Gents teams.

The outcome was a splendid afternoon, giving pleasure to all participants. Showing that this great pastime can be enjoyed whether played as a competitive sport or as an amiable activity.