Saturday 24 August 2019 - Cadoxton v Belle Vue

CML5 – Home

An almost perfect result, for Cadoxton, in this top of the table clash, at home to Belle Vue. They produced three successful rinks with the fourth failing narrowly by just two shots.

Howard Craven’s rink were 6-0 up after four ends.

After12 ends the advantage had reduced to 4 shots. However, they romped away in the remaining ends with just a single against on the last end.

Kelvin Chedgzoy skipped his rink to a 4-0 start after two ends.

The scores were tied at 9 each after 11 ends, but, a good run gave them a 22-10 advantage, and they could afford to concede four shots on the last three ends.

Derek Jeffries’s rink managed to stay close in the early stages, with the score 5-6 down after 10 ends. 6 shots against enhanced the difference but, this was cancelled out with 7 scored over the next three ends. However, the visitors came back again to take three against one during the last three ends.

Finally, the visitors seemed to be strolling through this game against the rink skipped by Mike Hurley with an advantage of 7-0 after 5 ends.

Nevertheless, a determined effort brought the scores level at 8 each.

This revival continued with 10 further shots added with 5 against.

Cadoxton are one of three teams separated by 3 points at the top of the league with one game left. Last game at home could be vital.

G Solomon, E Davies W Craven, H Craven 24 – 9 B Roberts, P Bagwell, P Paterson, B Bagwell

J Stacey, S Clarke, P Ellis, K Chedgzoy 22 – 14 F Keen, D Smith, D Miller, M Thorn

A Ralphs, D Jenkins, J Davies, D Jeffries 16 – 18 M Owens, D Huntley, G Field, D Purser

A Prince, G Goddard, E Palmer, M Hurley 18 – 13 D Bradley, A Thomas, R Brant, T Ford

76 - 63