FIRST of all congratulations must go to Brian Griffiths in the over 60s singles and Alan Thomas Dave Curtis and Brian in the senior triples,who all got runners up in the national finals at Llandrindod last week having won through local,regional,and then national rounds.

In both competitions they got beaten by one shot on the last end. A great honour for a small village club to have two national finalists.

Wednesday evening saw the local derby between Sully bowling club (the villagers) and Sully sports club, a private members club. Not only was the weather not great but the sports turned up a couple of players short, a problem at a lot of clubs this year.

The previous week both our fixtures were cancelled because the opposition could not field a side. From the of the home side were in control and although the score board was tight with the reductions for being short it was always going to be a home win. A Kelly, D Curtin, B Curtis, T Murphy,15-11, D Lougher,R Nethercote,R Fitzjohn, A Rees18-8, B Danscombe,D Hodges,K Mahoney,H Thomas,18-17 E Pryer,J Hubbard,P Neale, D Edwards ,16-14 --67-50. and 14 points.

Saturday was a very different story,away to Gelli Park yet another truly awful bowling surface at the top of the Rhondda. It took the villagers so long to find how to try and chuck the bowl as hard as you could that the game was all but over from the start.

Only one rink got a point. A Smith,E Pryer M Hardy,C Williams 20-20, B Curtis, J Hubbard, D Hotchkiss, D Edwards,11-43, R Fitzjohn H Thomas, A Thomas, D Curtis,17-22, D Lougher, D Curtin, A Rees, T Murphy,14-28.

Monday evening was the rearranged league game at Millwood, and with the opposition trying to avoid relagation the villagers knew a tough game was in store. Although very slow with all the resent rain it was lovely to play on a flat true surface. Sully got of to a good start for a change and with a near full strength side started to take control. After seven ends the villagers were 23 up and it stayed that way give or take all the way with only one rink losing on the last two ends.

A Smith,K Mahoney,M Hardy, B Griffiths,24-12, A Rees, R Fitzjohn, A Thomas, D Curtis,23-15, B Curtis, J Hubbard, D Hotchkiss, D Edwards,21-12, D Lougher,D Curtin, J Best, T Murphy,19-21 --87-60 and twelve points to he good.

This week, as the season draws to a close, the Villagers are away to Windsor on Wednesday and home on Saturday to Blaenrhondda.