On Wednesday 7th August, Barry Romilly played at Millwood .

Rink 2: Eric Fortt, Paul Swannick, Kelvin Mills, Skip Alan Bannister. Romilly lost on the last end .Result 15 - 16

Rink 3: Arthur Champ, Mike Gronow, Gwyn Rees, Skip Mike Doyle. Romilly lost Result 10 - 16

Rink 4: Brian Parker, Dave Noble, John Kirk, Skip Ray Hewitson. Romilly rink couldnt' get into the game and lost 6 - 30

Rink 5: Paul James, Peter Hunt, Roger Jones, Skip Tony Freeman. Romilly rink built up a healthy lead and kept the pressure on their opponents to win. Result 24 - 8

Aggregate Result 55 - 70

On Wednesday 14th August, Romilly welcomed Bellevue Bowling Club. A very closely fought match on all rinks.

Rink 1: Alan Jones, Barrie Griffiths, Mike Gronow, Skip Ray Hewitson. Result 18 - 17

Rink 2: Eric Fortt, Phil Edwards, Tony Freeman, Skip Dteve Close. Result 11 - 19

Rink 3: Paul James, Jerry Daly, Paul Ross, Skip Alan Bannister. Result 17 - 15

Rink 4: Peter Hunt, Glyn Sheppard, Roger Jones, Skip Alan Bryan. Result 18 - 12

Aggregate Result 64 - 63

On Saturday 10th August Romilly 1st team entertained Pontypridd and secured their second consecutive win.

Rink 1: Alan Bannister, Paul Swannick, Gary Eastment, Skip Jeff Wright. Result 17 - 23

Rink 2: Eric Fortt, Terry Bloomfield, Steve Close, Skip Mike Doyle. Romilly again built up a healthy lead and maintained it to win 25 - 14

Rink 3: Alan Bryan, Dave Noble, Clive Collins, Skip Brian Foscolo. Romilly put on an impressive display to win 30 - 8

Rink 4: Jerry Daly, Roger Jones, Gwyn Rees, Skip Mel Newman. Result 17 - 18

Aggregate result 89 - 63