WEDNESDAY 14 August 2019 - Cadoxton v Penarth

Munro Cup – Home

The visit to The Murch, by Cadoxton for a Munro Cup resulted in a narrow 2 shot success for the home side. The disappointment was that on the final-end 7 shots were conceded with just one scored.

Ian Hepenstall dropped behind, 4 – 11, on his rink, but a ‘5’ & ‘2’ levelled the scores. The game was tight for the next few ends until a 1 shot advantage was taken on the penultimate only to concede a ‘3’ on the last.

Derek Jeffries rink took a 5-1 advantage on the fifth only to concede a ‘4’ on the next. They then had a ten-end sequence, during which they lost just a single. Unfortunately, five shots were conceded during the last three ends.

Howard Craven Had a competitive match against Nick Chandler during which 13 of the ends produced singles. Nine of these went to the visitors, with a lead of 15-8 going into the final- end, unfortunately a ‘3’ was conceded.

In the other rink skipped by Mike Hurley. ‘5’ and ‘6’ were conceded early in the game and they could never recover although they did have a final-end win.

J Stacey, D Tuck, W Craven, H Craven 15 – 11 M Conway, B Lewis, B Horne, N Chandler

G Solomon, G Goddard, E Palmer, M Hurley 10 - 28 T Buckmaham, D Blainey, P Crocker, C Grant

A Prince, A Ralphs, S Clarke, D Jeffries. 25 - 11 C Burton, B Willmot, D Plank, C Fry E Heppenstall, M Curtis, D Sluman, I Heppenstall 16 – 18 G Fox, L Fry, T Ingroville, S Booker

66 - 68

Saturday 17 August 2019 - Cadoxton v Murch

CML5 – Away

Although playing with a much, weakened side, the Cadoxton team performed admirably to take 11 of the 14 available points, at The Murch

Howard Craven’s rink led the way by compiling a 23-3 advantage after 15 ends. They only added one further shot during the remaining 6 ends but restricted the other five all to singles.

Derek Jeffries had another good result but had to fight back from an early scare with just three successes in the first 12 ends. He completed the win by winning the remaining ends.

Mike Hurley had a partial success on his rink, which looked as though it could have been better after taking a 20 – 9 advantage with 5 ends remaining. However, the home side fought back ad a ‘4’ on the last end tied the score.

Steve Clarke, playing in his unaccustomed position as skip, won three of the opening five end, but with just 4 more successes, the rink was well beaten.

J Stacey, E Davies W Craven, H Craven 24 – 8 M Warman, T Robison, B Toger, I Williams

A Ralphs, D Jenkins, , P Ellis, S Clarke 12 – 25 C Spitman, T Phillips. G Cane, R Rathisuba

A Prince, J Papoutsou, D Sluman D Jeffries 20 – 10 D Pook, D Davies, J Allan, G Russell

G Goddard, E Palmer, G Smith, M Hurley 20 – 20 D Perkins, J Arlinson, D Rolan, A Perry

76 - 63