Cadoxton Bowls report

Wednesday 24 July 2019 - Cadoxton v Windsor

Munro Cup – Away

Cadoxton found their hosts Windsor to good for them on the night with defeat on all rinks, in a Munro Cup fixture. Only the rink skipped by Jim Davies made any signs of success after taking a 5 – 1 advantage on the fifth end. This was overcome to draw level 7-7 on the 10th end. Still level after 12 ends the home side won the next two ends to lead 12-8.

Three successes to the visitors brought the score level on the penultimate end. Only to concede a single on the last. Don Kuhnell’s rink took two singles on the opening ends, but two ends later were 3-2 behind. Two further singles regained the lead however they were then routed in the remainder of the game with only two more singles late in the game. Derek Jeffries with a player short started with a ‘6’ on the opening end and held an advantage until a ‘4’ against on the 10th end took it away, with a 9 – 11 score. The result stayed close until a ‘6’ and ‘3’ on the last two ends settled the result in the host favour. Finally, Ian Heppenstall conceded a ‘6’ on the first end and despite winning half of the ends was unable to get back in with a chance.

E Heppenstall, D Jenkins, W Craven, D Kuhnell. 6 – 27 T Evans, M Matthews, C Lewis, M Stevens.

K Davies A Ralphs, E Palmer J Davies 12 – 13 B Roher, P Morrisey, R Hales, R Hudson

D Sluman, J Papoutsou, D Jeffries. 9 – 25 G Carlisle, R Ellis, D Turnbull, C Palfrey

J Stacey, E Davies, M Curtis, I Heppenstall 13 – 25 A Davis, M Cuccinerio, S Latham, D Rees

40 - 90

Saturday 27 July 2019 - Cadoxton v Penyrheol

CML5 – Away

Cadoxton found the green at Penyrheol very difficult to comprehend, as there were very tricky lines with bowls running against the bias or zigzagging down the green. Nevertheless, a close game kept the outcome open throughout. Starting the final end the home side held a two shot advantage with each side sure of two rink wins. Don Kuhnell’s rink took the supremacy from the start and stayed in front throughout, although they conceded a ‘2’ on the last end. The rink skipped by Howard Craven went in front from the 6th end and stayed there right through despite a halt of five ends with their score on thirteen. They also lost a single on the last. Derek Jeffries was competitive on his rink and after 19 ends only two shots separated them. However, a ‘3’ against opened a gap, which was not overcome despite a winning ‘2’ on the last. Kelvin Chedgzoy’s rink failed to recover from being 10-0 down after four ends. Nevertheless, they were holding two shots on the final end only for the opposing skip to move the jack to make a ‘4’ for his side and complete a tense finish, in their favour.

K Davies, D Jenkins, W Craven, H Craven 28 – 15 B Nartshome, P Nott, P Oates, C Trew

E Palmer, S Clarke, P Ellis, K Chedgzoy 10 – 32 A Levelle, J Slorting, H Miller, I Mitchell

A Prince, E Davies, J Papoutsou, D Jeffries 15 – 18 P Jones, I Pugh, D Richards, D Morgan

J Stacey, A Ralphs, M Hurley, D Kuhnell 20 – 15 D Hayes, B Howell, A Weller, A Williams

73 - 80