BARRIVALE Bridge Club results from Tuesday 16th July:

1. Adrian & Diana Trickey 63.75%

2. Tim Barsby & Mike Close 58.75%

3. Mark Roderick & Peter Millar 55.83%

The handicap winners were Alan Rees and Peter Hunt.

As always, new members at the club are always welcomed and a partner may be arranged, if required.

If you would like to join us please ring any of the following numbers, 01446 418380 or 01446 733425 or 01446 735592 or call at the Pioneer Hall, Beryl Road, Barry at 7pm on Tuesday evening.

Also, classes and assisted play continues on:-

• Friday mornings at 10.00am (doors open 9.45am) at the Pioneer Hall for lessons and assisted play.

• Thursday afternoons for assisted play from 1.30-4pm at the Barry Uniting Church, Heol y Llongau, BarryCF634AP (the waterfront).