Wednesday 10 July 2019 - Cadoxton v Rhoose

Munro Cup – Home

A trip to the fast, all-weather green at Rhoose was too much of a change from their home, heavy, green, for Cadoxton, and they were defeated on all rinks.

Don Kuhnell’s rink did go close, they lead throughout until a ‘3’ on the last end, put the home side one shot in front, for the first and important time.

Derek Jeffries shared the first eight ends, winning four each, on his rink. But the scores were much further apart 5 – 17. A slight recovery brought a ‘3’ and ‘4’, but the home side continued with the pressure with more counts to increase their supremacy.

Ian Heppenstall’s rink did not score during the first 5 ends. Two singles stopped the bad run, but they trailed 13-2 after 10 ends. At this stage they found the pace and scored in five of the remaining ends, but not enough for a win.

The rink skipped by Howard Craven, suffered a similar fate. The score was 2 -10 against after8 ends. Their score reached seven after 12 ends, but there was no further advancement, for the remainder of the game.

E Heppenstall, A Prince, W Craven, H Craven 7 – 28 B Shears, R Boardman, S Downes, P Williams

E Davies, M Curtis, K Davies, D Kuhnell 17 – 18 C Dance, G Williams, L Wilmot, N Parry

A Ralphs, J Papoutsou, M Hurley, D Jeffries 18 – 29 R Bermans, M Banks, D Kendal, G Lages

J Stacey, D Jenkins, E Palmer, I Heppenstall 12 – 19 S Brewer, P Michael, M White, T Lages

54 - 94

Saturday 13 July 2019 - Cadoxton v Beddau

CML5 – Away

A much more acceptable result came from Cadoxton’s visit to Beddau, for a CML match.

In the early stages they struggled on a patchy brown and green surface, with difficulty to find the pace.

They were behind for the first five ends. However, a ‘7’ was scored on Kelvin Chedgzoy’s rink brought the overall score level and stayed all square until the 13th end, mainly due to a good run of success from the rink skipped by Ian Heppenstall. They scored 12 shots with just two against, during this period.

On the 15th end Cadoxton took the lead for the first time and with all rinks getting used to the conditions they gradually pulled away to a convincing win.

Derek Jeffries skipped his rink to a comeback from 10 shots behind to just one with two ends left. Unfortunately, these were lost.

Kelvin Chedgzoy had an outstanding game in a very close contest, saving or scoring shots throughout the game. the score was tied on numerous occasions, but a good finish brought success.

Howard Craven’s rink also made a late run, from four shots behind. Both these rinks finished strongly with wins on five of the last six ends.

E Heppenstall, K Davies, W Craven, H Craven 21 – 18

D Sluman, J Papoutsou, J Davies, D Jeffries 16 – 22

G Solomon, E Davies, P Ellis, K Chedgzoy 23 – 16

J Stacey, S Clarke, M Hurley, I Heppenstall. 20 – 10

80 - 66