ON Saturday, Sully Sports hosted Guest Memorial in the PG1s, in warm humid conditions.

The visitors were expected, and turned out to be, tough opposition as they were playing a Division higher last season.

Only winning on one rink, the Sports eventually fell to a heavy 69-95 defeat, securing 2 points to Guests’ 12.

K Aguis’ rink was the only home rink to win, leading from the 1st end, and steadily increased it, to take a 27-17 victory.

C Coomber’s rink was 9 shots down after 10 ends, before fighting back over the remaining ends, but could not fully close the gap, and went down 15-21.

A. Collard’s rink fought hard against a side that were on top form, and despite winning a fair number of ends, but by never more than 2 shots, the visitors scored much more heavily on their winning ends to run out 36-11 winners.

G Brown’s rink fell 8 shots behind after 3 ends, but were level after the 8th.

The visitors pulled away to lead by 6 shots after 15 ends, but the home rink levelled again 3 ends later, only to conceded the last 3 ends and go down 16-21.

Rink Scores:

P Holland, D Davies, B Matthews, G Brown 16 21;

P Collier, J Pearce, G Currie, C Coomber 15-21;

B Whyman, A Fitt, K Romans, K Agius 27-17

D Austin, B Knight, L Adams, A Collard 11-36.

Sully Sports Man-of-the Match: Brian Whyman

On Saturday, Sully Sports away fixture with Beaufort has been postponed. Players are encouraged to take the opportunity to play their club championship competitions instead.

The following Wed, 10th July, the Sports entertain Millward in the Munro Cup.