Wednesday 26 June 2019 - Cadoxton v Murch

Munro Cup

E Heppenstall, D Sluman, W Craven, H Craven 14 – 16 E Atkins, C Salvidge. A Perry, R Mauchline

J Stacey, E Davies, I Heppenstall, D Kuhnell 18 – 16 D Poole, M Warman, J Allen, L Aubrey

D Jenkins, J Papoutsou, E Palmer, D Jeffries 13 – 22 D Letts, J Flye, G Lane, I Williams

G Goddard, A Prince, J Davies, K Chedgzoy 19 – 8 D Rogan, D Davies, T Phillips, A Cross

64 – 62

The annual fixture for the Colin Reynolds Memorial Trophy was held between Murch and Cadoxton, in conjunction with the Munro Cup.

The outcome was a win for the visitors, mainly due to a marvellous success on Kelvin Chedgzoy’s rink.

They took a 4-1 lead after losing a single on the first end. A ‘2 was conceded, but this was followed by a ‘4’ and two singles, to increase their advantage.

Another ‘2’ against was cancelled out with 3 singles, to increase their supremacy to 14-5. Three singles narrowed the gap before they finished the game with a ‘2’ & ‘3’ and give a good spearhead, to the team

Don Kuhnell skipped his rink against Les Aubrey’s, and by scoring regularly they reached a substantial advantage of 11-4 after 7 ends. This was followed by three singles to either side, but also a ‘4’ to the home side, which made the comfortable position, more exposed. Two ‘2’s reopened the gap, but the home team pressed hard and scored a ‘2’ & ‘3’ to narrowly fail by two shots.

The other two rinks had dramatic finishes. Derek Jeffries, returning from holiday struggled at first and trailed 9-4 after 8 ends.

He then had a good run to reverse the advantage to lead 13-10. However, he stayed on this score whilst his opposition reached 22, which included a ‘5’ on the last end.

Howard Craven skipped against Roger Mauchline and only conceded once in the first 7 ends, to lead 7-1, where he stuck until the opposition reached nine, and carried on the improvement until 9 – 16 with the last end to play.

They scored a ‘5’ on the last end to win the overall match by 2 shots. 10 points against four.

Saturday 29 June 2019 - Cadoxton v Murch


E Heppenstall, E Davies, W Craven, H Craven 22 – 20 D Phillips, J Harrison, L Aubrey, A Cross

G Solomon, M Curtis, D Sluman, K Chedgzoy 20 – 14 D Perkins, M Welchman, G Lane, T Williams

E Palmer, A Ralphs, M Hurley, D Jeffries 17 – 17 I Robinson, D Davies, D Poole, C Russell

J Stacey, G Goddard, I Heppenstall, D Kuhnell 18 – 16 C Salvidge, J Allen, J Flye, A Perry

77 – 67

Cadoxton and Murch met for the second time in the week, this time Cadoxton were the hosts in a CDML 5 fixture.

The most effective result came from the rink skipped by Kelvin Chedgzoy, who had, regular, superb, lead bowls from Glen Solomon. After losing a ‘3’ on the first end they built a 13 -5 advantage after ten ends.

As so often happens they stayed on this score until the 13th end with the difference now 13 – 9.

The remaining ends increased their supremacy, scoring a further 7 shots with five against. Howard Craven’s rink struggled in the early stages going 5-2 down after five ends.

This was cancelled out on the next end with a ‘5’. Losses on the next four ends left them behind again to trail 7 - 12.

Three ‘4’s in the closing stages ensured a victory.

A third success was produced by Don Kuhnell’s rink in which the lead was held throughout until a jack taken into the ditch, on the penultimate end, by the visitors, brought them a ‘3’ which gave them a shot advantage.

However, they fought back and cancelled out the advantage with a ‘3’ on the last.

Finally, Derek Jeffries struggled to keep in the game, on his rink and were trailing 13 – 3 after 10 ends.

At this stage a winning sequence for the home side brought the score to just one shot down at 14-15.

The last four ends brought 3 for the home side with two against, to bring the scores level, and 13 points from the 14 available