EVERY so often it is a joy to write the weekly report and this is one of those weeks.

First of congratulations to Brian Griffiths, Dave Curtis and Alan Thomas who in various combinations have reached four county finals and still in champion of champions, well done men.

On Wednesday the Munroe Cup side entertained an unbeaten Dinas Powis side, not much hope there then was the thought.

How wrong. After six ends the villagers where up on three rinks and 15 shots to the good,by twelve ends it was 9 shots and two and a half in front. At the end A Kelly K Mahoney J Best T Murphy won 22-11, B Curtis D Hodges A Rees D Edwards won 24-15,B Danscombe R Nethercote P Neale A Thomas lost 16-18 and H Thomas J Hubbard H Levick Jones,were unlucky to lose by one with the last bowl ,18-19, with ten points and 80-63 the score

So to Saturday and visitors to the sea side were an unbeaten Gelli Park,arriving very late on a beautiful if blustery day.

Play didn't start to after three and by seven ends surprise surprise the villagers were down by six.

After fourteen ends it was a different picture with one up and only one shot down across the boards.

A very tight and well contested final third ensued with the game slowly moving the villagers way.

The B Griffiths rink with A Smith E Pryer M Hardy were never behind winning 24-9 and keeping the rest of the side in it. In the last four ends B Curtis A Rees D Hotchkiss D Edwards took eight shots to win 19-15.

D Lougher D Curtin J Best T Murphy suffered their first defeat 12-19 and having been 2-15 down at one stage the G John K Mahoney A Thomas D Curtis combo did very well to get back to 15-20 allowing a 70-63 win with ten points to four.

This week it's away for a change to Blaenrhondda who at time of writing are one point in front in the league.