Cadoxton bowls report

Saturday 15 June 2019 - Cadoxton v Splott Phoenix


E Heppenstall, E Davies, W Craven, H Craven 19 – 19 J Webber, M Greewood, H Camfiend, G Watts

A Prince, M Curtis, P Ellis, K Chedgzoy 11 – 15 S Carr, R Brown, D Harvey, R Barry

D Jenkins, G Goddard, J Davies, M Hurley, 22 – 24 M Trebilcock, L Davies S Wilcox, D Wilcox

J Stacey, S Clarke, I Heppenstall, D Kuhnell 16 – 11 R Cole, D Cole, M Hadley, V Griffin

68– 69

Following another week without a fixture on Wednesday, Splott Phoenix were the Saturday visitors to Cadoxton for a CML 5 match.

Howard Craven’s rink had a good start which gave them an 8-3 advantage. A ‘4’ to each side kept the 5 shot difference.

A single put them on 13 where they remained whilst four singles were conceded.

Another ‘4’ increased the gap, but then a run of singles against gave the visitors a 1 shot lead with one end left.

They remained unbeaten but had to be satisfied with a draw after a single to finish.

Don Kuhnell’s rink started the game with a ¾ length jack and after losing a two on the first end built up a 9-2 advantage before the opposition were able to add any more to their score.

They then increased the jack to full length.

Don struggled on the heavy going at this length and was thankful for the good form of the other three players on his rink to keep the opposition always in arrears.

Kelvin Chedgzoy’s rink struggled to a deficit of 11-3 by the 12th end. Six shots in the next three ends gave some hope, however only two further singles were managed during the remaining ends, with four against

Mike Hurley looked to be set for a win on his rink with a 9-0 start, but by the 8th end the scores were level at 9-9.

This moved on to a 11shot deficit before a late recovery reduced this to just one shot with a single against on the last end stopping a complete revival.

A very close game but just three points scored from the 14 available.