ON Saturday 1st June 2019, the Romilly 1st team travelled to Caerphilly.

Rink 2: Dave Francis, Roger Jones, Steve Close and Skip Brian Foscolo. Result 17 - 18. Close run rink all the way. With the home team picking up two on the last end to win.

Rink 3: Kelvin Mills, Terry Bloomfield, Mel Newman and Skip Mike Doyle. Result 19 - 32. Close match until the 10th end, with Romilly leading 14 - 13, after which Caerphilly pulled away with an easy win.

Rink 4: Alan Bryan, Dave Noble, Gwyn Ree and Skip Graham Cogbill. Result 17 - 19. Another close fought rink, with Romilly leading by two into the last end, where Caerphilly picked up four to win the game.

Rink 5: Phil Gershenson, Jeff Daly, Gary Eastment and Skip Jeff Wright. Result 20 - 12. After falling five behind after two ends, the Romilly team piled on the pressure which resulted in Caerphilly only picking up seven shots in the next 19 ends. Excellent performance by Skip Jeff Wright's rink.

Aggregate defeat: 73 - 81

On Saturday 1st June 2019, saw the first competetive game for the Romilly A side at home under new captain Anthony Jones.

Rink 1: Don Evans, John Kirkpatrick, Anthony Jones and Skip John Kirk. Result 25 - 10.

This rink proved to be a steady combination regularly picking up shots, but had stern opposition from the Rhoose players. There were only 2 shots in it after 14 ends, but for the remaining ends Romilly A picked up 14 shots to their opponents 1.

Rink 2: Eric Fortt, Phil Herbert, Paul Ross and Skip Anthony Freeman. Result: 12 - 22. The Romilly side, started slowly and appeared to tread water for all 21 ends. Resulting in the Rhoose side gradually pulling away.

Rink 3: Paul James, Stuart Simpson, Phil Edwards and Skip Ray Hewitson. Result 39 - 4. After 8 ends, the Romilly side had an impressive 25 - 0 lead, and for the remaining 13 ends, only allowed their opponents to pick up 4 shots whilst they applied intense pressure to gain an excellent win.

Rink 4: Dennis Mottram, Brian Parker, Barry Griffiths and Skip Alan Bannister. Result 24 -11. A fine performance by the Romilly rink. They steadily picked up shots which resulted in an excellent win.

Aggregate Win for Romilly: 100 - 47

On Wednesday 5th June 2019, Barry Romilly played Cadoxton in the Munro Cup.

Rink 1: Paul James, Dave Noble, Jeff Daly and Skip Mel Newman. Result 26 -12. This was a close contest up until the 15th end, where Romilly raced away to win.

Rink 2: Des Bannister, John Kirk, Alan Bannister and Skip Alan Bryan. Result 23 - 14. Comfortable win.

Rink 3: Don Evans, Phil Edwards, Ray Hewitson and Skip Tony Freeman. Result 24 - 9. Another good win for the home team, who didnt allow their opposition any scoring shots until the 11th end.

Rink 4: Stuart Simpson, Eric Fortt, Roger Jones and Skip Steve Close. Result 22 - 11. A good game for the home side.

Aggregate Win for Romilly : 95 - 46

On Saturday 8th June 2019, Barry Romilly 1st entertained Bargoed at home.

Rink 1: Dave Francis, Roger Jones, Steve Close and Skip Brian Foscolo. Result 19 - 22. This was a tense encounter, with the teams tied at 19 after 20 ends. The final end,the Bargoed side scored 3 woods to win the encounter.

Rink 2: Jerry Daly, Paul Swannick, Gary Eastment and Skip Jeff Wright. Result 16 -19. Another close game with the Bargoed side taking 5 woods in the last 3 ends to wind the rink.

Rink 3: Kelvin Mills, Terry Bloomfield, Mel Newman and Skip Mike Doyle. Result 26 - 18. This was a steady scoring game by the Romilly rink resulting in a comfortable win.

Rink 4: Alan Bannister, Dave Noble, Alan Bryan and Skip Graham Cogbill. Result 36 -11. Another steady and competent scoring display by the Romilly rink, ensuring a resounding win.

Aggregate Win 97 -70