Cadoxton v Llantwit Major

Cadoxton opened their season hosting a Welsh club championship match (Carruthers), against Llantwit Major.

The outcome was a comfortable win, for the home side, who led throughout the game.

There were two successful rinks on each side.

Howard Craven skipped the Top rink against old stalwart Neville Young, followed closely by the rink skipped by Don Kuhnell against Steve Booker.

Howard’s rink scored steadily with just seven losing ends, to amass his 16 shot authority.

Whilst Don’s rink after scoring a four on the opening end, lost the next five ends to trail 6-4.

However with Jim Stacey playing his usual accurate lead bowls they improved their performance and conceded just five further singles, whilst adding a ‘5’ and three ‘3’s amongst the remaining ends.

Newcomer Mike Hurley skipped his rink against the experienced Graham Jones and was beaten narrowly after conceding a ‘5’ on the penultimate end.

Due to some late withdrawals, the fourth rink was set up with two reserves and skipped by Eric Palmer another new addition to the club.

Regrettably they struggled to match the opposition and trailed throughout.

E Heppenstall, G Goddard, W Craven, H Craven, 27 – 11 S Comer, M Harmon, T Thomas N Young J Stacey, D Sluman, I Heppenstall, D Kuhnell 26 – 11 R Voges, D Post, A Horgan, S Booker K Davies, D Jenkins, M Curtis, E Palmer 13 – 25 M Hughes, A Hayes, J Crane, G Merchant E Davies, A Prince, J Davies, M Hurley 17 – 22 D Mutlow, L Fry, E Sparkes, G Jones

83 - 69