WE have all heard the story about David and Goliath. Well this week Goliath won again.

With the midweek fixture against Barry Athletic being another victim to the dodgy weather, the villagers looked forward to the arrival of Ely valley bowlers, how wrong.

On what started as a lovely Saturday afternoon, Sully Bowling Club where ready for a great home game against a very strong Ely Valley club but when one of the home side failed to turn up the dye was cast for a long tough afternoon.

After an hour the weather changed with a biting wind and a few spots of rain, so with the wind seemed to go all the home side's hopes.

Bearing in mind the visitors had amongst their ranks eight past and present internationals, ten county bowlers, you get a flavour for the task ahead and the Goliath title.

Let's start with a positive, the performance of the D Lougher, H Thomas, B Curtis and A Thomas was simply great, behind on ten ends and on 15, they came back to turn it around and won 20-17.

The other three rinks where not so good all going down to strong sides. R Fitzjohn, H L Jones, J Best, D Curtis 12-25, B Dascombe, T Murphy, D Edwardes 7-34, D Curtin, E Pryer, M Hardy, B Griffiths 15-34.

This week sees the start of the Munroe Cup and the visit of Llantwit Major at 6pm on Wednesday and travelling to Porthcawl on Saturday for the next WBA game.