MARCH started off as an quite session due to February half term but those who attended were able to work on there badge work skills.

Also Nadiene and Nicholas were able to take on the responsibility in helping swimmers develop some of the Halliwick skills while in the water. Pat and Linda were doing the timings for the gala with some of the gala swimmers including Nadiene and Nicholas.

On 16th March half the club were not present due to the Wales v Ireland Six Nations game in which Wales finally won the Triple Crown and the Six Nations.

Imagine all the excitement there was after that!

For all those who were there they carried on regardless working on the red, yellow and green badge skills.

20th March Nadiene and Nicholas went to the Blaenau Gwent Otters Swimming Club to see how they run there club session with Chris and Pat.

The both of them also participated in the running of the session with some of the younger swimmers helping them develop some of the Halliwick skills and help them gain there badges too.

21st March the club ran there 2nd Safeguarding Course at the Civic Offices in which Cath ran the session.

31st March the club held there Halliwick workshop at Barry Leisure Centre.

There were members from Rhondda Polar Bears, Gwent Dolphins and etc who attended and took part in the session in planning up an session plan, being taught about the Halliwick concept and safeguarding within an club setting.

All who attended appeared to enjoy the workshop and went back with an better understanding of the Halliwick concept.