YMCA Barry female gymnasts have had huge success in the last few weeks where twenty seven gymnasts completing their gymnastics grading and YMCA Barry had 100% pass rate.

This is a huge achievement for both the club and the children where gymnasts were competing against other clubs in South Central Wales.

The grading system is designed to ensure the gymnasts are on the correct path to progress in competitive gymnastics and the first grade (Grade 6) is completed at the age of eight, although the grades can be completed at an older age and compete in the out of age competition.

The gymnasts compete on all four apparatus, Floor, Bars, Beam, Vault and a Range and Conditioning routine which tests the gymnast’s strength and flexibility.

In the Grade 6 category, YMCA Barry had eight year olds, Poppy Falconer, Charlie Rae Davies, Islah Anderson, Connie Clark, Llinos Jones, Ruby Jo Grocott, Olivia Strong, Soren Hill, Farron Jones, Robyn Thomas and Mya Edwards competing within the ‘In Age’ Category.

In the ‘Out of Age’ category Ellie Gronow, Ava Rae Hopkins and Ava Carter competed. For the girls first grade, the gymnasts competed with great maturity and demonstrated some beautiful gymnastics. Within the ‘In Age’ eight year old competition, Mya Edwards received 6th on Floor and 4th on Vault.

In the ‘Out of Age’ category Ava Carter earnt 6th on Beam and Ellie Gronow claimed 5th on Floor, 6th on Bars, became the Range and Conditioning Champion and 3rd in the Overall competition.

In the Grade 5, nine year olds Lacey Jones, Nia Beasley, Lottie Cummins and Katie Wong competed with fantastic results. Lacey received 6th on Range and Conditioning, Katie Wong claimed 3rd on Bars, 2nd on Floor and became the Range and Conditioning South Central Champion.

Lottie Cummins was presented with 5th on Beam, 4th on Floor, 2nd on Vault and became the Range and Conditioning join South Central Champion with Katie and the South Central Grade 5 Bar Champion. Nia Beasley claimed 3rd on Bars, 3rd on Range and Conditioning and became the Beam, Floor and Vault South Central Grade 5 Champion.

In the Overall category where all five routine scores are added together, Katie Wong was 4th, Lottie Cummins 2nd and Nia Beasley became the Overall Grade 5 South Central Wales Champion. Katie, Lottie and Nia therefore qualified to represent South Central Wales in the Welsh Grading Finals.

In the Grade 4 category 10 year olds Ruby Clark, Rosie Jo Bishop, Gracie Jones and Melissa Cookson competed in the ‘In Age’ category.

In the ‘Out of Age’ category, Sophie Notton, Stacie Leigh White and Seren Doel competed, all of which demonstrated elegant and dynamic gymnastics. In the Out of Age competition, Seren received 6th on Bars and Sophie earnt 3rd on Floor.

Within the ‘In Age’ category, Melissa received 3rd on Range and Conditioning, Ruby claimed 6th on Vault, 6th on Beam and 5th on Floor.

Rosie was presented with 2nd on Vault, 2nd on Beam, 2nd on Floor and became the South Central Grade 4 Champion on Bars and Range and Conditioning. Gracie earnt 4th on Vault, 2nd on Bars, 3rd on Range and Conditioning and became the South Central Grade 4 Champion on Beam and Floor.

Overall, with all five scores combined, Ruby Clark was 5th, Rosie Jo Bishop 2nd and Gracie Jones became the South Central Grade 4 Champion. Ruby, Rosie and Gracie all qualified to represent South Central Wales at the Welsh Grades Finals.

Congratulations to all the gymnasts who passed their grade and to the dedicated coaches at YMCA Barry for these amazing successes.

YMCA Barry Gymnastics cater for all levels of gymnastics from Gymbabies & Gymtots, Gymnastics for boys and girls from beginners to International Gymnasts, most recently having two gymnasts Josh Cook and Iwan Mepham represented Wales at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

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