BARRY Rising Sun Kyokushinkai Karate Club produced six Welsh champions at a recent high profile event.

On Sunday, February 24, 12 of the Rising Sun Karate club members competed for their podium places at the Sosai Oyama Welsh Championships at Cogan Leisure Centre in Penarth, taking on clubs from all round Wales and England, in three different events.

First on was Aiann Asiff in the Jukuren challenge which consisted of going all out for 1 minute performing his best karate techniques on the standing bag who took a third place in the age7-8 category, Rhys Andrews in the age 10-11 category took a silver, and Jake Tressider took 1st place and gold.

Catelyn and James Owen brother and sister also took part in the Jukuren challenge just missing out on a placing in the event.

In the "kata" (form of movement) competition in girls the age 9-10 group Katija Hewitson performed pinan sono ichi and pinan sono ni in the second round (safe and secure exercise number one and two) and took a first place and gold for her age group. Also Ruby-Lee Bennett took a 1st and gold in the girls age 10-11 yellow belt and above kata section, beating two brown belts in the final rounds.

Coach Sempai Spencer said; the day before Ruby-Lee and Katij also took part in the BKK Welsh Championships but just missed out there, so to have the determination to do the three events this next day was a brilliant outcome for them both to come home with the win.

In the age 15-16 boys Kata section Kiron Kerr took gold and first place with an outstanding performance over two rounds, the judges gave the win to Kiron mainly on his focused attitude and zanchin which means "form" in Japanese, and took the final round and Welsh Kata title by a whole three point margin.

In the girls under 140cm Kumite (free fighting) category Ruby-Lee and Katija faced each other in the final round after both beating two English opponents, Ruby-Lee just took the Wales title with Katija just a finishing a few points behind.

Wilson Wong (blue belt) in the boys under 130cm category had three hard battles to get to the finals in the contact kumite fighting event, and take out his English finalist in style, the final bout was back and forth with both fighters giving it their all

Wilson had to endure the full onslaught of his determined opponents but also came out on top with a gold and 1st place and a great relentless effort was put in on his behalf, well done Wilson.

James Morgan (red belt) took a 3rd in the same category and was up against a yellow belt in the semi finals that only just seem to overpower him towards the end of the fight, James has been training for about two years and considering facing a much bigger more experienced opponent, James fought extremely well.

In the boys age 10 under 130cm section Jake Tressider (blue belt) took a bronze and third place just having the decision go against him as he was up against a strong fighter from Newport, the bout went the distance and he was unlucky to go through to the finals.

Oscar Bennett (yellow belt) advanced to the final round after beating both an English fighter, and fighter from Newport, and he secured the win in the final round against a much bigger stronger English Opponent taking the first place and podium finish.

Instructors and coaches Lee and Spencer Bennett said: "We are really proud of all of the student's taking part, it takes a lot to step onto the mat and compete, especially the fighting aspect because it takes a lot of determination and will power to overcome even just that adversary, we congratulate all of them for their success and this great achievement.

"We now have developed more champion students and are very proud."

Barry Rising Sun Kyokushinkai Karate train at the Barry Island Community Centre Mondays and Wednesdays 7-8pm juniors age 7-15, 8-9pm seniors age 16+ Rising stars age 4-6 Wednesdays 6.30-7pm. All are welcome to try a first lesson free or contact Lee on 07811 110368 for more information.