Cadoxton Barry 0 – 5 Holton Road

A YOUNG kick boxer who had hardly played a competitive game of football in his life and another gallant lad who usually plays special needs football were heroes for Cadoxton Barry as they and nine others, some of whom would normally have been involved in club organization rather than playing, kept the name of Cadoxton Barry alive.

At mid-morning there was no team, but somehow a side was patched together for their Vale of Glamorgan League Division One clash.

Viewing the Holton line up which included ex-Welsh League and former Alliance League players (including some former Cadoxton Barry guys) it looked likely that Cadoxton Barry were going to be totally blown away – any score in low double figures being an achievement in itself.

But to their huge credit, the guys that were there did the club proud.

Indeed, goal line technology would almost certainly have confirmed one CB goal whilst VAR would have confirmed a defender’s handball in the visitor’s box along with two red-card-able flying Holton tackles which went unpunished.

Had they been spotted the final result might have been even more respectable. Even so, to lose only 5 – 0 bearing in mind the two starting line-ups represents a huge moral achievement for Cadoxton Barry. Kinch, in goal was outstanding – on the day, as good as any first team keeper Cadoxton Barry has ever had.

You could sense the growing Holton frustration as he pulled off save after fabulous save.

Whilst Holton played very well and showed why they deserve to be champions, Cadoxton Barry owes a massive thanks to the heroes that kept the embers of the former Alliance League club burning with such a spirited performance.

At the end of the game, league official, Richie Rogers presented Holton Road with the Divisional Trophy. Holton are to be congratulated on their achievement, for they are, arguably, the best team in the whole of the Vale of Glamorgan League – even taking the Premier Division into account.

However, let us not forget that, as so often happens at this level, some teams have to fold for others to enjoy their success and that today’s heroes are helping to make sure that Cadoxton Barry are not going to be among them.