THIS year has been another fantastic year for the Barry Beavers Disabled Swimming Club with its achievements and successes.

One of these was that eight of the gala team successfully competed in the Nationals in Kent.

Also the swimming club's gala team retained the Regional Cup from last year.

All this success is down to all the time put in with the timings, the coaching and dedicated swimming gala team.

On top of the Regional and National Galas there had been a lot of good gala performances throughout the swimming gala calender year including some of the swimmers having to upgrade there own previous gala events from 25m up to 100m events.

All swimmers this year pulled out all the stops and are an absolute credit to the club.

Some more swimmers achieved there green, red and yellow badges during club session's, along with the club gaining more members over the year as helpers and swimmers which has been an great success itself.

A team of Barry Beavers took part in a swimathon on 22nd April at Bridgend to raise some funds for the club as well for the host team who hosted it. They all swam well.

A team of 12 Beavers took part in the special gala on behalf of Lyndsy who is battling illness at her swimming club.

The club's PIP 3 had an great turn out with members from the other teams attending and taking part in some of the performances and entertainment on the day. We had sparkly tattoos, face painting and merchandise to sell along with and raffle and a BBQ which the club's cooks cooked some great food for all who'd attended on the day. It was an complete success.

To end this year the club had their Christmas party at Jenner Park in Barry. There was an great turnout on the night of the 30th November, also there were an raffle and awards were given to all those who deserved them this year.

We had an disco which Darren and Josey Kerr both ran with some performances from club members to entertain everyone there.

Also there was an special guest who visited (Santa) and passed out gifts to the children at the party.