BARRIVALE Bridge Club results from13th November.

Session one of the Barrivale Championship teams event:-

• Mike Best & Mark Roderick, Mick Green & Noelle Bond

• Jane Brook & Denis Mottram, Huw and Celia Thomas

• Peter Millar & Jenny Vaughan, Mike Close & Tim Barsby

As always, new members are welcome at Barrivale bridge club and a partner may be arranged, if required. If you would like to join us ring 01446 418380 or 01446 733425 or 01446 735592 or call at the Pioneer Hall, Beryl Road, Barry on Tuesdays at 7.00pm.

Alternatively, inexperienced players or players who would like to brush up on their game may attend the following sessions:-

• Friday 10.00am (doors open 9.45am) at the Pioneer Hall for lessons and assisted play.

• Thursday afternoons for assisted play from 1.30-4pm at the Barry Uniting Church, Heol y Llongau, BarryCF634AP (the waterfront).

The sessions help to improve your play with great support and encouragement along the way. Come and give it a try and learn more about this popular and fascinating game from excellent instructors, you will soon be hooked!