BARRY Beavers swimmers, along with those from the Gwent Dolphins, Blaenau Gwent Otters and Towy Salmon swimming clubs, played their part in winning golds at a recent regional gala in which they all represented Wales.

The team were taken by coach from Coryton and Chepstow early to travel all the way to Sevenoaks Leisure Centre.

The event kicked off starting with the League Swim National Finals and then the rest of the events including the Relay events.

The team had done very well as an result finishing with seven golds, four silvers and three bronzes along with Aiden Thomson and Jack Oakly contributing points for the team.

The team members who took part on the day and there events were as follows and what they won:


League Swim team from Gwent Dolphins (Andrew Knowles, Lucas Chatwin and Gareth Dibble)

Keira Dyne Girls 25m (Barry Beavers)

Chelsea Mitchell Ladies 25m (Gwent Dolphins)

Stephen Smith Men's 25m (Gwent Dolphins)

Nicholas Cushen Men's 100m (Barry Beavers)

Jnr. Relay Jack Kemp, Callum Savory, Ffion Jones and Abby Finch (Barry Beavers)

Overall team and region winners

ASTRA 15 Team Wales


Abby Finch Girls 50m (Barry Beavers)

Callum Savory Boys 50m (Barry Beavers)

Heather Williams Ladies 50m (Barry Beavers)

Ffion Jones Girls 100m (Barry Beavers)


Jason Farr Men's 50m (Blaenau Gwent Otters)

Rosemarie Garland Ladies 100m (Gwent Dolphins)

Snr. Relay (Towy Salmon) Poppy Firth, Arron Walters,Hannah Gleeson and Rosie Wood


Aiden Thomson Boys 100m (Barry Beavers) 5th Place

Jack Oakly Boys 25m (Blaenau Gwent Otters) 4th Place