A WOMAN has been given the honour of coaching the British kayaking team at the World Special Olympics in Los Angeles.

Angela Frayling has lived in Sully for eight years and has bagged one of just two coaching slots available on the British team.

She has been working with people with conditions such as autism, Asperger’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and Down's Syndrome since 2005.

The Special Olympics takes place on Saturday, July 25 and she found out in May 2014 that she would be going as a coach.

The team consists of six kayaking athletes in total. Andrew Williams, James Savoury, Adrian Abbot and Steve Beynon are from Wales and Katie Smith and Steven Dodd are from England.

The event is for those with intellectual disabilities and gives them the chance to compete at an elite level whilst also developing social skills.

Angela said: "I am very excited and pleased as this has been a dream of mine for years."

Athletes and coaching staff have had to fundraise themselves in order to travel to and compete in the games.

Each coach must raise £1,250 whilst each athlete has to raise £2,500.

The team have been involved in a variety of fundraising activities to meet the target including zip wires, auctions, cake days and collections.

They have travelled around the UK to complete a variety of different training sessions including at Llanelli Dock and Cosmeston Lakes.

And having competed in a number of regional and national competitions already, Angela says it has been a busy year but that it is all part of the fun.

She added: "It will be an incredible journey for these disabled athletes and an incredible opportunity for all involved helping to bring Olympic honours back to Great Britain.

"I can't believe we are actually going. We have had this dream for a long time, both for athletes and coaches. To see them compete and possibly win medals would be amazing."