MEMBERS from Brynhill Golf Club took part in the Colin Jones Memorial Competition.

Colin had been with the club for a long time and he was a big part of the club as well being one of the 30 or so guys who go out on a Saturday morning called the Clicketts.

He has been missed by the golf club so much they have now named their new sports bar after him and enjoyed an amazing day played by members from Brynhill and other members of golf clubs all across the country.

The whole competition was tremendous and played in the best of spirits.

Visitors who took part included players from Wenvoe, Southerndown, Puckhip Hall, Catterell Park, Tavistock, Bowood

and Dinas Powys.

Visitor Competition was as follows:

Runner up Richard Marden (Wenvoe)

Winner Liam O’Flattery (Dinas Powys)

Members Ladies

Runner up Jo Kirkpatrick

Winner Julie Harkin

Members Gents:

Runner up Nick Grey

Winner Lee Price