One of the nation's favourite bargain supermarkets, Aldi has shared the best tips and tricks on how you can host the perfect Jubilee party for under £5 per head. 

With the help of Royal Warrant holder and Party Architect to the stars, Johnny Roxburgh has given advice on how to save some extra money and still have a brilliant party. 

As he gives a helping hand on how to create the perfect tablescaping, which if you were unaware is the "art of creatively arranging a tabletop". 

And now with the help of Johnny and Aldi, shoppers can have the best tablescape complete with a grazing spread all without breaking the bank. 

Barry And District News: Royal Party Planner Johnny Roxburgh. (Aldi)Royal Party Planner Johnny Roxburgh. (Aldi)

How to host the perfect Jubilee party and save money:

Giving his top tips on how to create the perfect Jubilee tablescape, Johnny shares that flowers and herbs will make your table stylish and is easy to do. 

And to give guest the a royal treat, prepare a cocktail on arrival saying: "place a Nature’s Pick Raspberry and a sugar lump into an Aldi Champagne flute. Top up with the delicious Jubilee English Sparkling Wine – for extra oomph add a splash of brandy to create a Jubilee cocktail."

If you're wanting glamour, then gold cutlery is a must, suggesting you can line a glass jug with Aldi's strawberry pink napkins and fill it with the Kirkton House Gold Cutlery Set.

Everyone loves a bit of cheese, and the best way to present the yummy food is on a plater according to Johnny. 

And at Aldi you can get a range of specially selected cheeses and add some Gourmet Crackers and Sundried Tomatoes all on a Kirkton House Oval Glaze Platter.

Get a cake stand to show off the treats, and even better Aldi has a superb selection of stunning, affordable Jubilee Afternoon Tea Serveware, including stylish marble and gold effect cake stands.

Make sure to serve foods you can all tuck into, with Jubilee celebration all about sharing, the Aldi’s delicious Summer Traybakes are perfect. You'll get to sit with guests on a long table and enjoy of the yummy food. 

Barry And District News: Aldi shares How to host the perfect Jubilee party all for just under £5 per head. (Aldi)Aldi shares How to host the perfect Jubilee party all for just under £5 per head. (Aldi)

Aldi's feed a party for 10 under £5 per head shopping list:

Aldi has even created a handy shopping list, so you don't even have to hunt for the goods and can create the perfect tabelscape. 

  • Dessert Menu Cheesecakes - Lemon / New York (£2.79, 550g)
  • Dessert Menu Strawberry Trifle (£1.65, 600g)
  • Dessert Menu Chocolate Éclairs (£0.75, 2 Pack)
  • Dessert Menu Jam & Cream Doughnuts (£0.75, 2 Pack)
  • Dessert Menu Victoria Sponge (£1.79, 267g)
  • Holly Lane 6 Coconut Macaroons (£0.95, 6 pack)
  • Jam Ball Doughnuts (£0.85, 4 pack)
  • Holly Lane Angel Cake (£0.95, 250g)
  • Holly Lane Chocolate Party Cake (£3.99, 890g)
  • Nature’s Pick Strawberries (£1.99, 400g)
  • Nature’s Pick Raspberries (£1.89, 150g)
  • Specially Selected Conserves - Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Raspberry or Apricot (£1.19, 340g)
  • Specially Selected 4 All Butter Scones (£1.09, 260g)
  • Specially Selected Traditional Cornish Clotted Cream (£1.49, 200g)
  • Jubilee Gourmet Popcorn - Strawberries & Cream, Bakewell Tart or Luxury Caramel (£1.99, 80g)
  • The Deli Coronation Flavoured Coleslaw (£0.85, 300g)
  • The Deli Sundried Tomato Antipasti (£0.99, 280g / 170g drained)
  • Specially Selected Red Fox (£1.99, 150g)
  • Specially Selected Rich & Mellow Stratford Blue Cheese (£1.99, 150g)
  • Emporium French Goats Cheese (£1.69, 180g)
  • Specially Selected Davidstow Vintage Cheddar (£1.99, 220g)
  • Specially Selected Gourmet Sea Salt or Black Pepper or Rosemary Savoury Crackers (£0.79, 185g)
  • Specially Selected Chutneys – Caramelised Onion (£1.09, 310g), Tomato & Chilli (£0.99, 295g) or Spiced Apple & Pear (£1.09, 285g)
  • Crestwood Scotch Eggs (£0.85, 226g)
  • Crestwood 10 Snack Sausage Rolls (£1.15, 300g)
  • The Deli Lemon & Herb Olives (£1.49, 150g)
  • The Deli Italian Spanish Tapas Selection (£1.79, 120g)
  • The Deli Italian Prosciutto (£1.49, 120g)
  • Nature’s Pick Radishes (£0.55, 240g)
  • Nature’s Pick Celery (£0.47 each)

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