The Duchess of Cornwall had a shock after swigging some very strong rum and was left exclaiming: “Blimey! That packs a punch!”

Camilla came across the famous Caribbean spirit when she strolled through some local craft stalls set up in a local school she visited.

Duchess of Cornwall
The Duchess of Cornwall drinks some passion fruit rum (Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA)

The duchess said to vendor Michker Edwards: “I might have to try one. Is it very strong?”

She selected a passion fruit flavour – which was 40% alcohol content.

As she took a sip of the spirit – served straight with no ice – her eyes widened and she exclaimed: “Blimey! That packs a punch!”

However, she was not put off and immediately went to try some rum punch on another stall.

She appeared to enjoy this slightly more and encouraged those around her to try it, too.

Royal tour of the Caribbean – Day 4
The Duchess of Cornwall met students at St Vincent and The Grenadines Community College (Arthur Edwards/PA)

The Duchess of Cornwall visited St Vincent and The Grenadines Community College to join a round table on domestic violence and to meet female entrepreneurs.

When Camilla met the Duke of Cornwall in Kingstown vegetable market, they went on a walkabout shaking hands with local shoppers surprised to see the royals, whose visit was unannounced.

A group of young girl guides were very excited – but they thought they were about to meet the Queen.

One asked Camilla: “Queen Elizabeth, do you have a castle?”

After Camilla put them straight, the unimpressed group moved on to Charles who was a few metres behind his wife and asked him: “Where’s the Queen, I don’t get it.”

“She’s not here I’m afraid,” replied a bemused heir to the throne.

One man got a bit overexcited and started shouting at the prince: “We want to take you to the beach.”

Local sports mascot Angus Evan, known as Sappy, was wearing an outfit in the national colours of St Vincent – yellow, green and blue – complete with a multi-coloured hat and he waved his nation’s flag.

Charles posed for a picture with Sappy, who for almost 30 years has been geeing up crowds whenever a local cricket, netball or cricket team is playing.

He said: “Charles said he liked my jersey and he liked my hat and the flag. He asked if I played football, I used to be a goalkeeper but I’m retired.”