50 YEARS ago

Extracts from the Barry & District

News of November 12, 1965:

A positive statement that Barry could play an important part as a major port, so that existing industries could expand with security, was requested by the mayor when speaking on behalf of the Corporation when it's deputation met the Minister of Transport in London last week.

The Barry Archaeological Society has recently been engaged on excavation work at the site of Sully Castle. The foundations of the keep and a section of the curtain wall have so far been discovered, also the presence of a paved courtyard has been located.

The unearthing of a fantastic number of datable finds, including pottery, glazed ridge tiles, iron objects and other material, indicated that the period of occupation was from the late 12th century to the mid-18th century.

A disastrous year for chrysanthemum growers in this country was reflected in the quality and quantity of exhibits at the Barry Chrysanthemum Society's annual show which was held last week in the Memorial Hall. But the Barry organisers were lucky in one way, as some similar shows had been affected to a much larger extent.

Without flowers this would be a very drab world, said the mayor, speaking at the annual luncheon of the society which preceded the opening ceremony.

In a way this match was something of a revenge for Barry who were well and truly beaten when they met Cliff Ashton's men on Monmouthshire soil a few weeks back, but it should be emphasised that for most of the game Chepstow had only 14 men.

In front of a crowd of 561 - the best of the season - Barry Town were obviously upset by a strong wind at Jenner Park on Saturday, and could do no better than scramble a point against lowly Trowbridge Town, who had lost all their previous four away matches.

The five-a-side football knock-out tournaments at the Barry Sports Centre have proved a great success, and there were some keen games in the three finals played on Saturday in strong winds.

Barry Spurs notched a good win when they defeated Harbour United 3-2 in a close match on Saturday. After holding the Spurs to a two-goal lead in the first half, the United appeared to have the ability to win the match in the second half, as they had the wind at their backs.