I FEEL visitors to Barry Island should be made aware that if they take the popular walking route around Friar's Point from the main car park the distance to the next bin is nearly a mile.

On Nells Point there is a similar distance between the bin on Dingle Bridge and the next one on Redbrink Crescent.

As the circumference of the island is about three miles this means that over half of the pathways on it don't have enough bins.

The Eastern Shelter and Promenade appear to house most of the council's supply, which to my eyes is ridiculous, bearing in mind the size of the area.

Could Miles Punter or Clifford Parish or anyone within the VOGC explain the reason for this anomaly, or more importantly do something about it.

I'm sure the resort manager and his excellent team feel they are doing their job with "one hand tied behind their backs" as they are the ones who have to pick it up.

It's no good saying that people should take their own litter with them, as they obviously don't.

I walked round the Island over two years ago with an employee from the Parks Department who agreed with me, but obviously his promise to do something about it, was overruled by 'higher beings', probably in favour of new chairs.

I asked for common sense to be applied in a previous complaint. I'm asking again.

Mike Dunn