50 YEARS ago

Extracts from the Barry & District

News of December 24, 1964:

The Rotary Club of Barry have hit upon a winner with their idea of placing baskets in local shops on behalf of the needy old people of the town...thanks to the co-operation of the traders concerned and the people of Barry.

Widespread inquiries among traders by reporters of the “Barry & District News and Herald” on Tuesday suggested that in many ways this is going to be a record-breaking Christmas for the people of Barry. Whatever the financial and economic cares of the country as a whole, everyone is intent upon celebrating on a greater scale than ever.

A Barry bank manager said they had been busier than ever before and all his information suggested that there was more money in circulation.

Glamorgan County Council, who takes over Cardiff (Rhoose) Airport from the Ministry of Aviation of April 1, 1965, is planning a five year development scheme.

In preparing the plan the airport committee will visit three municipally-owned airports in England.

Oil brought to Barry Docks by tankers would be delivered by fast freight trains to points of distribution throughout the country if the plans which Isherwood’s Petrol Company Ltd have in mind eventually mature.

A spokesman for the firm, whose headquarters are in Manchester, said this rail-ocean terminus at Barry Docks would serve the Midlands and South Wales. Already the firm has a terminal at Barry Docks and on Wednesday week they signed a long-term contract with British Railways for the bulk transport of oil.

Moves are going ahead for the setting up in Barry of a Citizen’s Advice Bureau, the need for which has been stressed on a number of occasions.

The Christmas presentation at Gladstone Road Infants’ School took the form of a Nativity Play. On Tuesday week and Thursday parents and friends formed an appreciative audience.

The Registrar-General estimates that the mid-1964 population of Barry has gone up by 440 since the 1961 census, bringing it to a total of 42,460.

There are no great surprises in this week’s results of the Barry and District league, all the rated teams retaining their winning streaks.