BARRIAN, Cecil Patrick Thomas Foster passed away on August 8, 1930 aged 43.

His wife Minnie Foster died on April 14, 1982 aged 98. I recently discovered and was surprised to find the couple are buried at Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery, Barry, and the family home was in East View Terrace.

Master Mariner Captain Cecil Foster has remained relatively forgotten until now in Barry outside of maritime circles, although Capt Foster and the SS Trevessa foundering are world famous.

The captain was received by the King at Buckingham Palace and his obituary was recorded as far around the globe as New Zealand. His actions then continue to save lives at sea today.

When the SS Trevessa foundered, she was owned by Hains, a Cardiff-based steamship company.

She foundered on June 3, 1923 and sank in the Indian Ocean during rough weather.

There then followed an historic ordeal of 1,700 miles in open boats.

During a recent visit to Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery, I found the final resting place to be in an awful condition and would like to attempt to have some repair work carried out on the grave.

I hope to help Barry remember one of her most famous Master Mariners.

Many like this gentleman were involved in the First World War, but crossed the bar between war years with no mention on memorials.

I believe it would be good for the town for Barry to remember and record in her history one of her own, and the many that have sailed from this former great port - in her time described as the Gateway to the World.

I would like to hear from anyone prepared to help or sponsor the work that needs to be done to ensure the grave of Cecil Foster is restored, and once again provides a fitting tribute not only to him but also to serve as a memorial to all those that sailed from Barry.

Many seamen are buried at Merthyr Dyfan from various times and are not included in or on any memorial.

Pledges only please at the moment to kgmaritime.res K Greenway (via e-mail)