A health worker says she fears for the future of her job as it was recently announced the 88 bus service from Barry to Penarth will come to an end at the end of the month.

Here are some people's thoughts in our latest round of letters about the cuts to the 88 bus service:

'For a lot of elderly people life is going to be very difficult'

I am writing to say how unhappy I am regarding the 88 bus not running anymore. I live on Weston Hill in Barry and the 88 bus is the only bus that serves there. I’m a regular user of the bus and feel that as a 78-year-old widow I will be left like a prisoner in my own home.

I am able to walk down the hill to catch the 304 bus into Barry Dock, but, as I suffer from heart failure, walking up the hill on the return journey is almost impossible. Also I will be unable to do a weekly shop as I’m unable to push my shopping trolley up the hill. I can’t afford to have a taxi as I don’t receive any benefits.

What is the answer to this problem? I don’t know, but for myself, and a lot of other elderly people life is going to be very difficult when the 88 bus stops running.

Erica and Pete King, Weston hill

'I use that bus regularly to get to work at Ty Hafan'

I read with dismay the discontinuation of the 88 bus from Barry to Penarth.  I use that bus regularly to get to work (based) at Ty Hafan. I am unable to drive due to a medical condition, so this bus allowed me to continue working.  I am unable to afford a daily taxi, so am unsure how I will now get to work now. I am concerned about my job and the consequences.

Julia Stait, Castleland, Barry

Read the article, here: Barry to Penarth 88 bus service to finish for good in weeks

'I supported this bus service since it began after giving up driving'

I have supported this bus service since it began after giving up driving. My options are now very limited as I will have to rely on the 94 bus or a taxi.

To catch the 94 bus my nearest bus stop is the golf club on Lavernock Road - and we all know what that road is like to cross. You take your life in your hands - The bus stop does have a bus shelter, which is an eyesore and never seems to be cleaned, forcing people to stand on the grass verge.  Many drivers have said it's the worst-placed bus stop in the Vale - an accident waiting to happen.

Joan Marsh, Lower Penarth

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