IT WAS good to see a more representative and positive view of Barry in last week’s Barry and District News after the previous week’s totally one-sided report based on what had previously appeared in The Sun.

However, for two weeks running your reporter has been extremely selective in quoting from the Onward report on Barry “Levelling Up Locally”.

Onward came to Barry after reporting on four towns in England as part of a large-scale research project examining towns to discover how they could turn themselves around.

Onward were so impressed with what they found in Barry that it featured in an article in the House of Commons House magazine, where it stated that Barry “has something profound going for it: a strong community committed to improving its town”.

The report itself accepted that while challenges remain it concluded by stating: “The progress being made in Barry is a testament to what local people can achieve when the community’s social fabric is strong, and local people care about their place. Other towns and communities across the UK … should look no further than Barry.”

Geraint Evans