This is in response to the news item (Barry of "low value” incinerators firm says) dated 24/11/2022.

I wish to highlight an observation that I made when the incinerator construction was completed and it functioned for a few days (as witnessed by myself due to fumes coming out of incinerator) as a trial I suppose.

That was winter time and this incinerator in Barry town is located close to the landing flight path into the Cardiff International Airport. At that time Qatar airways started direct service from Doha to Cardiff.

When this incinerator started to function, thick fog enveloped the flight  landing path, surrounding Bristol Channel and Barry town on one of those days due to a combination of exhaust fumes from the incinerator and the weather condition I think.

This led to the incoming Qatar airways A350 flight to divert to Birmingham airport.

My concern is, this incinerator can lead to difficulties for future in-coming flights into Cardiff airport and in turn could put passenger and crew lives at risk.

Has anyone factored the risks this incinerator could cause to flights?

Many thanks for reading patiently.