THE UNUSUAL gift of two fairies holding lanterns was given to us on our 63rd wedding anniversary.

As we were placing them in the flowerpots in the front garden they reminded us of the fairy garden our daughter had created in memory of her grandmother who had – for unknown reasons – been nicknamed Fairy.

Once in place we thought they would be a fitting tribute to our beloved daughter who sadly passed away 17 years ago. As darkness fell we watched the lanterns light up, recalling memories of the shining light she had been - not only in our lives - but in the lives of the people who had the pleasure of knowing her.

Returning home from holiday we were devastated to find that some lowlife has stolen them. We would appreciate any information regarding their whereabouts. They would have probably appeared in someone’s garden between September 11 and September 24.

What do we think of the thief? They are the lowest of the low to steal from the garden of two OAPs. They may have stolen what are – to them – garden ornaments. They can’t steal our memories.

Mr and Mrs Saunders, Castleland Street