MY WIFE and I live in Cardiff, but come to Barry about every three weeks. 

We love looking around the older parts and the various housing as well as all the coastal views etc. 

We've noticed, coming up through Main Street, the Crescent terrace on the left hand side and wondered why it should be built like that, as there doesn't seem to be any others in Barry.

Could you please let me know if you have any idea of it's origin?

Another thing that we often wonder about is the old double row of steps leading down from the street across from the rear gate of Victoria Park. Does that lead to something very special, which is probably not there now anyway?

We liked the article previously in the paper about the Bandstand. We found the old St Mary's church in Cadoxton a few weeks ago after noticing the tower from that double flight of steps. 

Another item that intrigues us is the old Dovecote above Gladstone Road. Are there any relevant books or maps of Cadoxton that we could research these places, that you know of? 

Anybody with knowledge of the above can e-mail (with "KJ Nash" in the subject line) and she will forward on the information.

KJ Nash