WITH reference to over 60's free swimming, the Labour Assembly has reduced funding for this scheme.

Therefore the Vale of Glamorgan Council changed the rules and divided this town of ours in half along the postcode line.

CF63 were awarded Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday for free swims 1pm to 3pm.

CF62, which includes Rhoose - Wednesday only 1pm to 3pm.

A four to one ratio.

After I complained I received a letter from the council stating that CF63 was a deprived area.

That insulted many of my friends in CF62 who felt discriminated against.

Labour politics ruled (for the many not the few).

Was the leader's call ignored here?

As a result the nice lady Labour candidate in the general election never stood a chance with so many people voting Tory for the first time in sheer anger on the divide they made.

Barry must not be divided.

We all live here every day and pay our council tax.

Like many others I have represented Barry at judo including trips to France and Germany and later years at Squash.

Many people do other sports, but some of their bodies, and mine, are 79 this year and cannot take it anymore - so swimming is a lifesaver.

Maybe the Grim Reaper might call earlier than expected?

R F Ford